The Colorado Medical Society is the premier membership organization for the physicians of Colorado. We ask you to consider contributing to the funds below to support our mission to promote the science and art of medicine, the betterment of public health, and the welfare of the medical profession and the patients we serve. Thank you for your support and generosity.


Join us in raising funds for the newly formed Alfred D. Gilchrist Student Leader Scholarship, recognizing excellent Colorado medical student leaders with a passion for organized medicine, health care advocacy, and policy that furthers the medical profession and the health of the patients it serves.

One time and monthly donations in any amount are gladly accepted and appreciated. This fund is managed inside the CMS Education Foundation which is a 501(c)3 that also qualifies for matching funds from employers or other charities. Your tax deductible donation can be made electronically by credit card or check by filling out the form below. Checks can also be mailed to the CMS Education Foundation, 7351 E. Lowry Blvd., Suite 110, Denver, CO 80230 Attn: Gilchrist scholarship.

Thank you for your vision and support of this wonderful project!

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COMPAC is the political action committee for the Colorado Medical Society, responsible for approving candidates and campaign donations, coordinating election strategy, and other aspects important to the political strategy of CMS. Note: there is a $575.00 limit on COMPAC donations in any two-year election cycle. If you believe you may have reached or be approaching this limit please contact our office before contributing. More info

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The SDC works to elect candidates who support medicine’s efforts to preserve Colorado’s stable tort environment. These contributions only benefit candidates who will protect Colorado’s medical malpractice caps and help us enact comprehensive liability reform. The maximum annual contribution is $50. More info

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The Medical Society Liability Expense fund (MSLE) solicits donations from physicians and other interested supporters to be spent exclusively on legal expenses associated with preserving Colorado's stable tort environment and peer review confidentiality. Since these funds are spent on legal expenses combating trial lawyers' attempts to raise liability caps or weaken peer review confidentiality and are NOT used to contribute to political candidates for office they are not reported to the Secretary of State or subject to donation limitations.

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